Other Investments

Nunasi has investments in bookkeeping and financial services, and logistics.


NASCO partnered with NorthwesTel and Arctic Cooperatives to form Ardicom Digital Communications Inc. with each partner owning 33.3% of the company. Ardicom Digital communciations is contracted by the Governments of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut and others to operate a digital wide area network (WAN) to serve 58 communities across the North and to provide similar services to other pan-northern customers.


Malca-Amit provides secure international courier service, specialized transportation, logistics, local armored car and airfreight services. Nunasi Corporation owns 51% of Malca-Amit NWT in partnership with Malca-Amit New York Inc. who owns 49%.

Northern Aboriginal Services Company (NASCO)

Nunasi Corporation has a 25% interest in NASCO. Ownership is shared with the Denendeh Development Corporation, Yukon Indian Development Corporation and Inuvialuit Development Corporation. NASCO is in turn a 33.3% owner of Ardicom Digital Communications Inc.

Nunasi Financial Services

Nunasi Financial Services (NFS) is a subsidiary of the 100 percent Inuit-owned Nunasi Corporation. Created in 2013 to provide top quality bookkeeping and management support services to Nunasi subsidiary companies, NFS now serves a number of small businesses, not-for-profits and private clients from across the NWT, Nunavut and Canada.